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Summer Quran Program

2023-06-01 17:00 - 2023-08-31 19:00 @ Masjid ar-Rahmah


This event has ended.

Event Details

AMA is excited to announce a Summer Quran memorisation program, keep the momentum going past Ramadan with our Summer Quran Program.

Here are the details:

Program Objective: Encourage people to memorise, review or improve Quran recitation during the Summer

Age: 14+

Gender: Male

Date: June, July, and August

What is Summer Quran Program:

  • This is an open Hifz program for all ages who meet the program participant's criteria.
  • Participants can customise their program according to their capability and available time.
  • People can attend any of the Quran's halaqas, they don't have to stick to one shiekh.
  • Each participant has a performance review sheet to track his performance.

Participant rules:

  • Reading Arabic words is a must.
  • For the younger age, parents should take care of their kids, before and after recitation, no need to stay for the whole halaqa time.
  • Participants can choose the Surah or Juz to memorise or review during the program time. the plan must be defined before the participant is involved in the program.
  • Participants can attend any halaqa and can attend more than one halaqa during the week, they don't need to stick to one halaqa.
  • A performance sheet must be present with the participant during the halaqa.

Halaqa schedule:

  • Saturday: 
    • After Maghreb (Tajweed)
  • Sunday:
    • After Dhuhr for one hour
    • After Asr for one hour
  • Monday:
    • After Maghreb
  • Tuesday:
    • After Maghreb
  • Wednesday:
    • After Maghreb
  • Thursday:
    • After Maghreb

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