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Winterlude Family Trip

2020-02-16 09:30 - 12:30 @ -


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Participant consent and child supervision is required to participate in this activity.


Clear communication is essential to a successful partnership between families and the AMA. If you have a concern or an issue you wish to raise during the program, we encourage you to contact one of the volunteers. In the case of an emergency, make contact with NCC personnel on the ice and call 911. Please be aware that all excursions contain an element of risk and accidents may occur that result in injury and/or loss. It is recommended that you consider these risks (and discuss these risks with your child if applicable).

This excursion is an extension of programming at the AMA. Accordingly, expectations regarding behaviour are the same as those for programs inside the AMA. I understand that I may carry a cell phone for personal use and my children (if applicable), and the posting of photographs or images on the Internet (including social network sites) without expressed consent of those being photographed, violates the AMA code of conduct and is a standard privacy practice. While we do not anticipate any problems, any serious breach of expected conduct on the part of a participant may result in a fine or a ban from attending AMA programs.


In the interest of safety, only certain equipment is allowed on buses. Skates must have the blades covered, or be carried in a sports bag. They must be kept on the floor at your feet. If you are late to meet at the scheduled time for the bus to leave, you are responsible to find your own way home.


Our goal is to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible in the event of an on-ice fall or collision. In accordance with physical and medical guidelines, it is mandatory that everyone wears a properly fitting snow sport helmet during these activities.

Before you head to the Rideau Canal Skateway, CHEO recommends you consider the following helpful tips:

  • A proper fitting ski or hockey helmet will prevent head injuries when skating – but a bicycle helmet won’t. Bicycle helmets are only tested up to -10ºC (14ºF) and need to be replaced after one crash. If you use a hockey helmet, make sure it is approved by the Canadian Standards Association.

  • A child’s head size changes a lot as they grow, so helmets need to be adjusted or replaced as needed. Don’t buy a large helmet for your kids to grow into. Helmets that are too big for your child’s head will not fit and will not properly protect your child.

  • Children under 10, or those learning to skate, should also wear a facemask (of those kids treated by CHEO last year, almost half fell forward onto their faces and the other half fell backward, hitting their heads hard on the ice). You should protect against both.

  • Using wrist guards is also a good idea, especially for children and adults just learning to skate. Wrist guards can prevent sprains and breaks.


Kids and adults skating on the Canal will be able to borrow helmets and wrist guards for free with the rental of a pair of skates. Capital Skate Rentals at the Mackenzie King Bridge and 5th Avenue are offering this service. A deposit is required if just borrowing helmets and/or wrist guards

By clicking Agree:

I give permission for myself, family member and/or child(ren) to participate in the Winterlude excursion and understand that this is a personal, family decision. I acknowledge that excursions into the community contain an element or risk, which we take full responsibility for. As such, I confirm and acknowledge that as a condition to participation in the excursion, I must assume all risk associated with the activity. I understand and acknowledge that the AMA will not be held responsible for any liability or medical expenses, due to an injury sustained by myself or anyone that I am registering for this excursion.

I agree and understand that the AMA is not responsible for anyone’s care, nor lost or stolen items. I am responsible for myself and (if applicable) I am my child(ren)’s main supervisor and my child(ren) will be accompanied by an adult at all times.

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